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(Sok) Han'guk kŭndae chakka non'go (속) 韓國 近代 作家 論攷. [Hangukgeundaejakgarongae 한국 근대 작가 론개]
A Q zhengzhuan 阿Q正傳 : 六幕劇
A. Hallerstein -- Liu Songling 劉松齡 : the multicultural legacy of Jesuit wisdom and piety at the Qing Dynasty Court
The abacus and the sword : the Japanese penetration of Korea, 1895-1910
Abbé Platel, mercenário de Pombal
The Abbot and the Widow : tales from the Ming dynasty. [Pai'an jingqi 拍案驚奇. Erpai heji 二拍合集. English]
A abelha da China, 1822-1823
About books, maps, songs and steles : the wording and teaching of the Christian faith in China
Abridged Biography of President Chiang. [ Jiang zongtong zhuanlüe 蔣總統傳略. English]
Abundant life : Matilda Thurston, Wu Yifang and Ginling College, 1915-1951
An accurate map of the East Indies, from the latest improvements and regulated by astronomical observations [map]
Achangyu jianzhi 阿昌語簡志
Aching for beauty : footbinding in China
Across a world
Across China's Gobi : the lives of Evangeline French, Mildred Cable, and Francesca French of the China Inland Mission
Acta Asiatica : Bulletin of the Institute of Eastern Culture
The Acta Pekinensia, or, Historical records of the Maillard de Tournon legation : first transcribed edition and English annotated translation. [ARSI Jap-Sin 138. Acta Pekinensia. English]
The Acta Pekinensia, or, Historical records of the Maillard de Tournon legation : Volume II : September 1706 - December 1707. [ARSI Jap-Sin 138. Acta Pekinensia. English]
Açvaghosha's Discourse on the awakening of faith in the Mahâyâna. Dasheng qixin lun 大乘起信論. [Mahāyānaśraddhotpādaśāstra. English]
Ada Beeson Farmer, a missionary heroine of Kuang Si, South China
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