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(Sok) Han'guk kŭndae chakka non'go (속) 韓國 近代 作家 論攷. [Hangukgeundaejakgarongae 한국 근대 작가 론개]
E.C. Bridgman (1801-1861), America's first missionary to China.
The eagle and the dragon : globalization and European dreams of conquest in China and America in the sixteenth century. [Aigle et le dragon. English]
Early Chinese Christianity : the Tang Christian monument and other documents
Early Chinese civilization : anthropological perspectives. [中國古典文化]
Early Chinese literature
Early Chinese religion
Early Christian remains of Inner Mongolia : discovery, reconstruction and appropriation
The Early Civilization of China
An early Confucian attack on Christianity : Yang Kuang-hsien and his Pu-te-i = 楊光先及其不得已 : 早期儒家反基督教思想之一列
The early days of Maryknoll
The early Jews in China : a supplementary bibliography
Early mapping of Southeast Asia
Early Modern China and Northeast Asia : cross-border perspectives
Earthen vessels and transcendent power : American Presbyterians in China, 1837-1952
East Asia : the great tradition
East Asia : the modern transformation
East Asian civilizations : a dialogue in five stages
East Asian Science : tradition and beyond
East Asia's turbulent century
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