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J. S. Rex Cole Japan memorabila
The Jacquinot Safe Zone : wartime refugees in Shanghai
Jade : a study in Chinese archaeology and religion
Jade Flute : the story of Chinese music
Jahangir and the Jesuits. [Relacam annval das covsas que fizeram os Padres da Companhia de Iesus na India & Iapao nos annos de 600 & 601. English]
James Ford Bell and his books : the nucleus of a library
James Legge: a pioneer at crossroads of East and West
Japan : a short cultural history
Japan : Bakermat van het Aziatische imperialisme
Japan in the Chinese dynastic histories : later Han through Ming dynasties
Japan in Trade Isolation, 1926-37 & 1948-85
Japan since recovery of independence
Japan versus China in the industrial race
The Japanese
Japanese aggression and world opinion (July 7 to October 7, 1937)
The Japanese and the Jesuits : Alessandro Valignano in sixteenth-century Japan
Japanese Historiography and European Sources
The Japanese in Macau
Japanese Music
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