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L. Richard's Comprehensive geography of the Chinese empire and dependencies
Labor and empire : the Chinese labor movement in the Canton Delta, 1895-1927
Labor evangelica, ministerios apostolicos de los obreros de la Compañia de Iesvs, fvndacion, y progressos de su provincia en las islas Filipinas. Historiados por el padre Francisco Colin
The ladder of success in Imperial China : aspects of social mobility, 1368-1911
Lading Hanwen cidian 拉丁漢文辭典 = Dictionarium Latino-Sinicum
Lading Meizhou Huagong 拉丁美洲華工
Lading yuyan wenhua yanjiu 拉丁語言文化研究 = Journal of Latin Language and Culture. [Latinitus Sinica]
Lahuyu jianzhi 拉祜語簡志
Laibunici yu Zhongguo 萊布尼茨與中國. [Neueste über China. Chinese]
Laigutang ji 賴古堂集
Laishengfu tanci 來生福彈詞
Lajiao 辣椒
Land and labor in China
Land of silk and sages : books on China in Marsh’s Library
The Land of the great image
The Land of the great image : being experiences of Friar Manrique in Arakan
The Land Tax in China
Land, Church, and Power : French Catholic Mission in Guangzhou, 1840-1930
Landmarks of mapmaking : an illustrated survey of maps and mapmakers
Lang Shining hua baijuntu jingpin 郎世寧畫百駿圖精品. [Baijuntu 百駿圖]
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