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O signore : xógum das províncias em luta [Azuchi ōkanki 安土往還記. Portuguese]
Ō Yōmei no gedatsukan 王陽明の解脫観
Ō Yōmei 王陽明
Observations mathématiques, astronomiques, geographiques, chronologiques, et physiques, tirées des anciens livres chinois
L' observatoire de Zi-ka-wei : cinquante ans de travail scientifique
Observatório astronómico de Pequim, séculos XVI a XIX. Shiliu zhi shijiu shiji Beijing guanxiangtai 十六至十九世紀北京觀象台
Oda Bukkyō daijiten 織田佛教大辭典. [Bukkyō daijiten 佛教大辭典]
Ode in praise of Xu Guangqi. [Pastoral letter]
Odorico da Pordenone e la Cina : Atti del convegno socio economico
Odorico da Pordenone e la Cina : Atti del convegno storico internazionale
Odorico da Pordenone in Cina: rilettura dei capitol cinesi della Relatio. [Relatio. Selections. Italian]
Of camel kings and other things : rural rebels against modernity in late imperial China
Of rats, sparrows & flies : a lifetime in China
Ohara-ryū ikebana dokushūsho 小原流生花独習書
An old Chinese fragment in the Bodleian
Old Hong Kong
The old man who does as he pleases : selections from the poetry and prose of Lu Yu
The oldest precursor of the automobile : Ferdinand Verbiest's steam turbine-powered vehicle model. [Astronomia Europaea. Pneumatica, 24. English]
Olhar as ruínas : Da Sanba paifang 大三巴牌坊 : A view of the ruins
On Chinese gardens = Shuo yuan 說園
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