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Raiki 禮記. [Liji 禮記. Japanese & Chinese]
Ran'inshi 蘭印史. [History of the Netherlands East Indies. Japanese]
Raonan jiusanfu tushuo 饒南九三府圖說. Jiangxi yudi tushuo 江西輿地圖說
The Rape of Nanking : The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
Les Rapports entre la Chine et l'Europe au temps des lumières
      Actes du IIe Colloque international de sinologie (Chantilly, 1977)

Readings in Chinese Communist documents : a manual for students of the Chinese language
Readings in classical Chinese philosophy
Readings in contemporary Chinese literature. [Xiandai Zhongguo wenxue duben 現代中國文學讀本]
Readings in Han Chinese thought
Readings in Mo Ti : Chapters XXVI-XXVIII on the will of heaven
Real Capela da Universidade : alguns apontamentos e notas para sua história
Realism and allegory in the early fiction of Mao Tun
Rebellion and its enemies in late imperial China : militarization and social structure, 1796-1864. [晚清的叛亂及其敵人]
Recent discoveries and new studies (1938-1960) on the world map in Chinese of Father Matteo Ricci, SJ
Recent events and present policies in China
Recent Population Changes in China
Reconceptualizing Southern Vietnamese History from the 15th to the 18th centuries : competition along the coasts from Guangdong to Cambodia
Reconciling two careers : the Jesuit memoir of Giuseppe Castiglione, lay brother and Qing imperial painter. [Eighteenth-Century Studies]
Reconstruction in China
A reconstruction of the tables of the Shuli Jingyun (1713-1723)
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