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La S.C. De Propaganda Fide e le missioni del Giappone (1622-1838)
S.M.R., South Manchuria Railway Co.
Sa Dula shixuan 薩都剌詩選
The Sacred books of China : The texts of Taoism
Sacred calligraphy of the East
The Sacred Edict of K'ang Hsi. [Shengyu guangxun 聖諭廣訓. English & Chinese]
The Sacred Edict of K'ang Hsi. [Shengyu guangxun 聖諭廣訓. English & Chinese]
Sacred space and ritual in early modern Japan : the Christian community of Nagasaki (1569-1643)
Saden no shiryō hihanteki kenkyū 左傳の史料批判的研究
Sagacious monks and bloodthirsty warriors : Chinese views of Japan in the Ming-Qing period
Saihongsi 賽紅絲
Saikin chōsa mujinzō no Shina bōeki 最近調查無盡藏の支那貿易
Sailing on winds of change : two decades in the life of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, 1969-1990
Saine incertitude : texte, presentation, traduction et commentaire du ch. 2 du Zhuangzi
      Zhuangzi 莊子. Nanhuajing 南華經. Qiwu lun 齊物論. French & Chinese

Saint Cicero and the Jesuits : the influence of the liberal arts on the adoption of moral probabalism
Saint François en Chine, ou, L'épopée solitaire
Saint Vincent : a Benedictine place
Saint, site, and sacred strategy : Ignatius, Rome and Jesuit urbanism
Saints of Asia : 1500 to the present
Saints of China : Martyrs of the Middle Kingdom. [videorecording]
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