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(Sok) Han'guk kŭndae chakka non'go (속) 韓國 近代 作家 論攷. [Hangukgeundaejakgarongae 한국 근대 작가 론개]
U.S. aid to Taiwan : a study of foreign aid, self-help, and development
The U.S. crusade in China, 1938-1945
The Uighur Empire according to the T'ang dynastic histories : a study in Sino-Uighur relations, 744-840
Uma 馬
Un choc de cultures : La vision des chinois
Un jésuite à Pékin : nouveaux mémoires sur l'état présent de la Chine, 1687-1692
      [Nouveaux mémoires sur l'état présent de la Chine]

The unbroken chain : an anthology of Taiwan fiction since 1926
Under Confucian eyes : writings on gender in Chinese history
Under the ancestors' shadow : kinship, personality, and social mobility in China
Understanding Canton : rethinking popular culture in the Republican period
Understanding peasant China : case studies in the philosophy of social science
Understanding reality : a Taoist alchemical classic. [Wuzhenpian 悟真篇. English]
Undoing the binaries, rethinking encounter : translation works of seventeenth-century Jesuit missionaries in China
The unfolding of Neo-Confucianism
Ung Vai Meng desenhos. Ung Vai Meng drawings. Wu Weiming suxie ji 吳衛鳴速寫集
Unicode : a primer
The Unicode standard, version 3.0
The United States and China
Unity is strength : popular Chinese songs [Zhongguo qunzhong gequ 中國群眾歌曲]
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