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The armies and enemies of ancient China : 1027 B.C.-1286 A.D.
Aromatum et simplicium aliquot medicamentorum apud Indos nascentium historia
      Colóquios dos simples e drogas e cousas medicinais da India e de algumas frutas

O arquivo da universidade
Ars sacra Pekinensis : die chinesisch-christliche Malerei an der Katholischen Universität (Fu Jen) in Peking. [Zhongguo gongjiao meishu 中國公教美術]
The art and architecture of China
The art and history of globes. [Globes: 400 years of exploration, navigation and power]
L' art chrétien en Chine
L' art chrétien en France au XXe siècle : Ses tendances nouvelles
Art de faire le papier à la Chine
The Art of China : spirit and society
The art of Chinese calligraphy
The art of Chinese poetry
The art of letters : Lu Chi's Wen fu, A.D. 302 : a translation and comparative study. [Wenfu 文賦. English]
The art of war : military manual written about B.C. 510. [Sunzi bingfa 孫子兵法. English & Chinese]
The art of wine in East Asia
Art on the Jesuit missions in Asia and Latin America, 1542-1773
Art through a lifetime : the Mary Griggs Burke Collection
Art treasures from Japan
Art treasures of the Peking Museum. [Musée de Pékin. English]
Art with the Written Word from China and Japan
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