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Titles Index A

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Ainu life and lore : echoes of a departing race
Airizhai congchao 愛日齋叢鈔
Aizeng zhi ge 愛憎之歌 = Song of love and hate
Aizheng qiantan 癌症淺談
Ajia ni okeru iezusukai daigaku no yakuwari アジアにおけるイエズス会大学の役割 = The role of Jesuit universities in Asia
Akhak kwebŏm 樂學軌範. [Akhak gwebeom 악학궤범. Yuexue guifan 樂學軌範]
Alabo Bosi Tujüeren dongfang wenxian jizhu 阿拉伯波斯突厥人東方文獻輯注. [Relations de voyages ... Chinese]
Alabo tongshi 阿拉伯通史. [History of the Arabs. Chinese]
Alabo wenxue jianshi 阿拉伯文學簡史. [Arabic Literature. Chinese]
Alabo Yisilan wenhuashi 阿拉伯伊斯蘭文化史. [Fajr al-Islām. Chinese]
Aleksej Aganov : ein unbekannter Ostasienwissenschaftler des 18. Jahrhunderts : eine Biobibliographie
Aleksej Osipovič Ivanovskij : a little known Russian orientalist : a bibliographical sketch
Alessandro Valignano, Fan Li-an 範禮安 (1539-1606) : strategist of the Jesuit mission in China
Alexandro Valignanos Ringen um die Missionsmethode in Japan, Juli-Dezember 1579
Alfonso Vagnone S.J.'s Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the education of children, c. 1632) : a literary bridge between Chinese and Western pedagogy. [Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育. English & Chinese]
Alisi manyou qijing ji 阿麗思漫遊奇境記. [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Chinese]
Alisi Zhongguo youji 阿麗思中國遊記
All men are brothers (Shui hu chuan). [Shuihuzhuan 水滸傳. English]
All the tea in China
The Alliance of German and Japanese Imperialism and Its Role in Unleashing the Second World War
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