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Titles Index A

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Alexandro Valignanos Ringen um die Missionsmethode in Japan, Juli-Dezember 1579
Alfonso Vagnone S.J.'s Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育 (On the education of children, c. 1632) : a literary bridge between Chinese and Western pedagogy. [Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育. English & Chinese]
Alfonso Vagnone's Tongyou Jiaoyu (On the Education of Children, c. 1632) : the earliest encounter between Chinese and European pedagogy. [Tongyou Jiaoyu 童幼教育. English & Chinese]
Alisi manyou qijing ji 阿麗思漫遊奇境記. [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Chinese]
Alisi Zhongguo youji 阿麗思中國遊記
All men are brothers (Shui hu chuan). [Shuihuzhuan 水滸傳. English]
All the tea in China
Aller simple pour la Chine : lettres de Placide Chaigneau, missionnaire vendéen, 1865-1897
The Alliance of German and Japanese Imperialism and Its Role in Unleashing the Second World War
Allusions littéraires. [Variétés sinologiques ; 8, 13]
Along the Ancient Silk Routes : Central Asian Art from the West Berlin State Museums : An Exhibition Lent by the Museum für Indische Kunst, Staatliche Museen Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany
Alphabet Mantchou : rédigé d'après le syllabaire et le dictionnaire universel de cette langue
Amakusa-ban Kinkushū no kenkyū 天草版金句集の研究. [Qincuxŭ 金句集]
      On the Qincuxŭ (Kinku-syu)

The ambiguity of violence : ideology, state, and religion in the late Chosŏn dynasty
Ame chinoise et christianisme
America and a new Asia
America views China : American images of China then and now
American Catholic China missionaries, 1918-1941
American Catholic relationships with modern China. [U.S. Catholic Historian]
American diplomacy in the Orient
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