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Amakusa-ban Kinkushū no kenkyū 天草版金句集の研究. [Qincuxŭ 金句集]
      On the Qincuxŭ (Kinku-syu)

Ame chinoise et christianisme
America and a new Asia
America views China : American images of China then and now
American Catholic China missionaries, 1918-1941
American Catholic relationships with modern China. [U.S. Catholic Historian]
American diplomacy in the Orient
An American diplomat in China
An American in Shanghai : reflections on living in new China
An American nun in Taiwan
American policy and the Chinese revolution, 1925-1928
American Relations with China : Report of the Conference held at Johns Hopkins University, September 17-20, 1925
American university men in China
Americans and Chinese : a historical essay and a bibliography
Americans in Eastern Asia : a critical study of United States' policy in the Far East in the nineteenth century
Among hills and valleys in western China : incidents of missionary work
An Lushan shiji 安祿山事跡
An Lushan shiji 安禄山事跡
An Mo'an xiansheng ji 安默庵先生集
An Wu lunshu 安吳論書. Shuxue jieyao 書學捷要
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