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The Annunciation [scroll painting]
Annuo Kalieninuo 安娜.卡列尼娜. [Anna Karenina. Chinese]
Anqing shijian 安清史鑑
Anshi 晏子. Ka Gi shinsho 賈誼新書. Kōson Ryūshi 公孫龍子
      [Yanzi chunqiu 晏子春秋. Jia Yi Xinshu 賈誼新書. Gongsun Longzi 公孫龍子. Japanese & Chinese]

Answering questions on Manchuria, 1936
Anthology of Chinese literature
An anthology of Chinese literature : beginnings to 1911
An anthology of contemporary Chinese literature : Taiwan: 1949-1974
Anthony E. Clark Collection
An anthropological analysis of Chinese geomancy
Antichi racconti cinesi
L' anticléricalisme en Chine
The anti-foreign riots in China in 1891. [Hunan, a record of a six weeks' trip]
Antoine Thomas, SI as a patient of the Kangxi Emperor (r. 1662-1722) : a case study on the appropriation of theriac at the imperial court
Antonio Montucci (1762-1829), Lektor der italienischen Sprache, Jurist und gelehrter Sinologe ; Joseph Hager (1757-1819), Orientialist und Chinakundiger : zwei Biobibliographien
Anuren : tongyi wuyan xia de butong zongjiao xinyang 阿怒人 : 同一屋檐下的不同宗教信仰 = The Anung : different religious beliefs under one roof
Anyang Yinxu 安陽殷墟
Anyang 安陽
Anyatang shiji 安雅堂詩集. Ru Shu ji 入蜀集
Anyue shike 安嶽石刻
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