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Titles Index A

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Anhui lidai shixuan 安徽歷代詩選
Anhui lidai wenxuejia xiaozhuan 安徽歷代文學家小傳
Anhui muben zhiwu 安徽木本植物
Anhui Sheng Tianzhujiao chuanjiaoshi ziliao huibian 安徽省天主教傳教史資料匯編
Anhui Wenfangsibao shi 安徽文房四寶史
Animadversion sur l’Ode de heou-Tsi 后稷 et sur les mysteres incomprehensibles qu’on dit qu’elle contient. [Jap-Sin IV, 5G]
Anna Karēnina アンナ・カレーニナ [Anna Karenina. Japanese]
Annals & memoirs of the court of Peking (from the 16th to the 20th century)
Annals of his time : Don Domingo de San Antón Muñón Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
Annan tongshi 安南通史. [Annan tsūshi 安南通史. Chinese]
Annan zhuan 安南傳. Annan zaji 安南雜記. Annan jiyou 安南紀遊
An annotated bibliography of selected Chinese reference works
Annotated catalogue of the book exhibition, A bridge between cultures : commemorating the two-hundredth anniversary of Robert Morrison's arrival in China
Annotated sources of Ming history : including Southern Ming and works on neighbouring lands, 1368-1661 [增訂明代史籍彙考]
Annual customs and festivals in Peking as recorded in the Yen-ching Sui-shih-chi by Tun Li-ch'en. [Yanjing suishiji 燕京歲時記. English]
Annuario pontificio 1991
The Annunciation [scroll painting]
Annuo Kalieninuo 安娜.卡列尼娜. [Anna Karenina. Chinese]
Another China : notes on the Celestial empire as viewed by a Catholic bishop
Anqing shijian 安清史鑑
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