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Annuario pontificio 1991
The Annunciation [scroll painting]
Annuo Kalieninuo 安娜.卡列尼娜. [Anna Karenina. Chinese]
Another China : notes on the Celestial empire as viewed by a Catholic bishop
Anqing shijian 安清史鑑
Anshi 晏子. Ka Gi shinsho 賈誼新書. Kōson Ryūshi 公孫龍子
      [Yanzi chunqiu 晏子春秋. Jia Yi Xinshu 賈誼新書. Gongsun Longzi 公孫龍子. Japanese & Chinese]

Answering questions on Manchuria, 1936
An anthology of Chinese discourse on translation. Volume One. From the earliest times to the Buddhist project
An anthology of Chinese discourse on translation. Volume Two. From late twelfth century to 1800
Anthology of Chinese literature
An anthology of Chinese literature : beginnings to 1911
An anthology of contemporary Chinese literature : Taiwan: 1949-1974
Anthony E. Clark Collection
An anthropological analysis of Chinese geomancy
Antichi racconti cinesi
The anti-Christian persecution of 1616-1617 in Nanking
L' anticléricalisme en Chine
The anti-foreign riots in China in 1891. [Hunan, a record of a six weeks' trip]
Antoine Thomas, SI as a patient of the Kangxi Emperor (r. 1662-1722) : a case study on the appropriation of theriac at the imperial court
Antonio Montucci (1762-1829), Lektor der italienischen Sprache, Jurist und gelehrter Sinologe ; Joseph Hager (1757-1819), Orientialist und Chinakundiger : zwei Biobibliographien
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