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Titles Index C

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Catholic native episcopacy in China : being an outline of the formation and growth of the Chinese Catholic Clergy, 1300-1926
Catholic Peking 1937 : a guide to modern and historic places of interest to Catholics
Catholic politics in China and Korea
A Catholic response to the Asian presence
Catholicism in China, 1900-present : the development of the Chinese Church
Il Cattolicismo nello Shansi dalle origini al 1738
Causerie sur la pêche fluviale en Chine. [Variétés sinologiques ; 5]
The Cavern-mystery transmission : a Taoist ordination rite of A.D. 711
Cedai jingyu 策怠警喻
Cefu yuangui xintan 冊府元龜新探
Cefu yuangui 册府元龜
Celebrated cases of Judge Dee = Dee Goong An : an authentic eighteenth-century Chinese detective novel. [Wu Zetian sida qi'an 武則天四大奇案. English]
Celestial dragon : a life and selected writings of Fr. Francis Rouleau
Celso Costantini e la sua Cina
Cen Jiazhou shiji 岑嘉州詩集
Cen Shen biansai shixuan 岑參邊塞詩選
Cen Shen ji jiaozhu 岑參集校注
Cen Shen yanjiu 岑參研究
The censorial system of Ming China
Cent ans de missions, 1815-1934 : les Jésuites missionnaires au XIXe et au XXe siècle
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