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Titles Index C

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Cent ans sur le Fleuve Bleu : une mission des Jésuites
The Centenary 1875-1975 of Salesian Missions = Ciyouhui chuanjiao baizhounian ji lai Hua qishizhounian jinian tekan 慈幼會傳教百週年曁來華七十週年紀念特刊
Centrality and commonality : an essay on Confucian religiousness
A century of Protestant missions in China (1807-1907) : being the Centenary Conference historical volume
The century of Tung Ch'i-ch'ang, 1555-1636
Cerâmicas de Timor Loro Sa'e : exposição
Cérémonial. [Yili 儀禮. French & Chinese]
Ceshi lüe 測食略. [Jap-Sin II, 40.2, II, 41.1, II, 41.2. BnF Chinois 4921. Théorie abrégée des éclipses]
Ceshu 策樞. Zhuozhai shiyi 拙齋十議
Cetian yueshuo 測天約說. [Jap-Sin II, 40.3; II, 50; II, 50 D]
Cexue beizuan 策學備纂
Ch'aegŭndam 菜根譚. [Caigentan 菜根譚. Korean]
Chahua 茶話
Chahuanü yishi 茶花女遺事. [Dame aux camelias. Chinese]
Chajing qianshi 茶經淺釋
Chajing yushi 茶經語釋. [Chajing 茶經. 1984]
Chaju wenwuguan: Luo Guixiang cangpin 茶具文物館 : 羅桂祥藏品
      K.S. Lo collection in the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware.

Chakko siinsŏn 作故詩人選
Challenges and Opportunities for the Catholic Church in China at the Start of the Third Millennium
Chan hua 禪話
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