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Titles Index C

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Cen Shen yanjiu 岑參研究
The censorial system of Ming China
Cent ans de missions, 1815-1934 : les Jésuites missionnaires au XIXe et au XXe siècle
Cent ans sur le Fleuve Bleu : une mission des Jésuites
The Centenary 1875-1975 of Salesian Missions = Ciyouhui chuanjiao baizhounian ji lai Hua qishizhounian jinian tekan 慈幼會傳教百週年曁來華七十週年紀念特刊
Centrality and commonality : an essay on Confucian religiousness
A century of Protestant missions in China (1807-1907) : being the Centenary Conference historical volume
The century of Tung Ch'i-ch'ang, 1555-1636
Cerâmicas de Timor Loro Sa'e : exposição
Cérémonial. [Yili 儀禮. French & Chinese]
Ceshi lüe 測食略. [Jap-Sin II, 40.2, II, 41.1, II, 41.2. BnF Chinois 4921. Théorie abrégée des éclipses]
Ceshu 策樞. Zhuozhai shiyi 拙齋十議
Cetian yueshuo 測天約說. [Jap-Sin II, 40.3; II, 50; II, 50 D]
Cexue beizuan 策學備纂
Ch'aegŭndam 菜根譚. [Caigentan 菜根譚. Korean]
Chahua 茶話
Chahuanü yishi 茶花女遺事. [Dame aux camelias. Chinese]
Chajing qianshi 茶經淺釋
Chajing yushi 茶經語釋. [Chajing 茶經. 1984]
Chaju wenwuguan: Luo Guixiang cangpin 茶具文物館 : 羅桂祥藏品
      K.S. Lo collection in the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware.

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