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Titles Index C

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La cartografia di Matteo Ricci
Cartografia portuguesa antiga
Cartographic Japan : a history in maps
Cartographic traditions in East Asian maps
Cartography in prehistoric, ancient, and medieval Europe and the Mediterranean
Cartography in the traditional East and Southeast Asian societies
A Case study of the Catholic University of Peking during the Benedictine period (1927-1933)
Cat country : a satirical novel of China in the 1930's. [Maocheng ji 貓城記. English]
Catálogo da biblioteca do Real Colégio de São Pedro de Coimbra
Catalogo delle opere cinesi missionarie della Biblioteca apostolica vaticana (XVI-XVIII sec.) = Fandigang tushuguan guancang zaoqi chuanjiaoshi Zhongwen wenxian mulu (16-18 shiji) 梵蒂岡圖書館館藏早期傳教士中文文獻目錄 (十六至十八世紀)
Catálogo dos reservados da Biblioteca Geral da Universidade de Coimbra
Catalogue de la Bibliothèque du Pé-t'ang
Catalogue des livres chinois, coréens, japonais, etc.
Catalogue des tremblements de terre signalés en Chine d'après des sources chinoises (1767 avant J.-C.-1895 après J.-C.). [Variétés sinologiques ; 28]
Catalogue du fonds chinois André d'Hormon = Zhongwen tushu mulu 中文圖書目錄
Catalogue of Chinese rubbings from Field Museum
Catalogue of Philippine manuscripts in the Lilly Library
Catalogue of special books on Christian missions
Catalogue of the exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and painting in the collection of John M. Crawford, Jr.
Catalogue of the Pei-T'ang Library. [Catalogue de la Bibliothèque du Pé-t'ang]
      [Beitang tushuguancang Xiwen shanben mulu 北堂圖書館藏西文善本目錄]

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