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Ethics in the Confucian tradition : the thought of Mencius and Wang Yang-ming
Ethics in the Confucian tradition : the thought of Mengzi and Wang Yangming
Etienne Fourmont, 1683-1745 : Oriental and Chinese languages in eighteenth-century France
Études de chinois : langue mandarine
Eu estive em Macau durante a guerra
Euclid in China : the genesis of the first Chinese translation of Euclid's Elements, books I-VI (Jihe yuanben, Beijing, 1607) and its reception up to 1723
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Memorial Exhibition : Freer Gallery of Art
Europa se presenta a sí misma : el tratado De missione legatorum Iaponensium de Duarte de Sande
Europa und die Kaiser von China
Europe meets China, China meets Europe : the beginnings of European-Chinese scientific exchange in the 17th century
A European document on the fall of the Ming Dynasty (1644-1649)
      Suma del Estado del Imperio de la China

Evangelism and feminism in China's Northwest : the double identities of Mildred Cable, Evangeline French and Francesca French
Ever new horizons : the story of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, 1922-1975
Everyday life in early imperial China during the Han period, 202 BC-AD 220. [Early imperial China]
L' Évolution de la Chine : politique et tendances (1911-1921)
L' evolution de la société chinoise a la fin de la dynastie des Qing, 1873-1911
      [Currents of social change. French]

The evolution of a Chinese novel : Shui-hu-chuan
Ewen fanyi jiaocheng 俄文翻譯教程
Ewenkeyu jianzhi 鄂溫克語簡志
The Execution of Mayor Yin, and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
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