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Titles Index E

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An Exhibition of Chinese antiquities from Ch'ang-Sha
Exhibition of Chinese art : the Art Gallery, Mills College, October 12 to November 25, 1934
Exhibition of Japanese art : the Art Gallery, Mills College, March 26 to May 3, 1936
Exhibition of special China-Peking arts & crafts. [Beijing gongyi meishu zhanlan 中國北京工藝美術展覽]
Exile in Mid-Qing China : banishment to Xinjiang, 1758-1820
Exorcism and money : the symbolic world of the Five-Fury Spirits in late imperial China
The expeditions of Cheng Ho to the Western Ocean
L' exploration du Mékong : la mission Ernest Doudart de Lagrée-Francis Garnier, 1866-1868
Explorations in the History of Science and Technology in China
Exploring the Yangtze : China's longest river
Exposé du commerce public du sel. [Variétés sinologiques, 15]
The expressiveness of the body and the divergence of Greek and Chinese medicine
Extraits des relations et des lettres venuës de la Chine & de Macao à Rome, au mois de septembre 1711
The extreme East : a modern history
Os extremos conciliam-se : transculturação em Macau
Eyu jiaoxue cidian 俄語教學詞典 : Uchebnyĭ slovaŕ russkogo ìazyka
Eyu jiaoxuefa 俄語教學法
Eyu shangye huihua 俄語商業會話 = Kommercheskiĭ razgovornik
Eyu xingming yiming shouce 俄語姓名譯名手册
Ezhou xiaoji 鄂州小集. Luo Yingzhou yiwen 羅郢州遺文
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