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East meets West : the Jesuits in China, 1582-1773
East sails West : the voyage of the Keying, 1846-1855
Eastern and Western cultures : confrontation or conciliation
Eastern magnificence & European ingenuity : clocks of late imperial China
Eastern magnificence and European ingenuity : clocks and automata of later Imperial China
The eastward dissemination of Western learning in the late Qing dynasty. [Xixue-Dongjian yu wan Qing shehui 西學東漸與晚清社會. English]
Ecclesiastical colony : China's Catholic Church and the French religious protectorate
Echanges culturels et religieux entre la Chine et l'Occident
      Actes du VIIe colloque international de sinologie (Chantilly, 1992)

Echoes in Eurasia : the name Tangut and the Xixia Tanguts in European medieval and early modern sources, ca. 1250-1750
Echoes of old China : traditional shops in contemporary Hong Kong
Economic conditions in Manchuria
The economic history of China : with special reference to agriculture
Economic organization in Chinese society
Les écrits chinois de Verbiest
L' écriture chinoise et le geste humain : essai sur la formation de l'écriture chinoise. [Variétés sinologiques ; 64]
The ecstatic journey : Athanasius Kircher in Baroque Rome
Edo jidai ni okeru Chūgoku bunka juyō no kenkyū 江戶時代における中国文化受容の研究
Edo jidai ni okeru tōsen mochiwatarisho no kenkyū 江戶時代における唐船持渡書の研究. [Edo jidai ni okeru Karafune mochiwatashisho no kenkyū]
Edo no kinsho 江戶の禁書
A educação em Macau
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