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An eighteenth-century Frenchman at the court of the K'ang-hsi emperor : a study of the early life of Jean Francois Foucquet
Eighth voyage of the dragon : a history of China's quest for seapower
Ekikyō 易經. Shokyō 書經. [Yijing 易經. Shujing 書經. Japanese & Chinese]
Elementa linguae tartaricae
The Elementa Linguae Tartaricae (ELT) by F. Verbiest, S.J. (1623-1688) : some new evidence
Elementary Chinese : San tzu ching 三字經. [Sanzijing 三字經. English & Chinese]
Elements of Hakka dialectology
L' Élite chinoise : ses origines, sa transformation après l'empire
Eluosi de zongjiao 俄羅斯的宗教. [Religion under the Soviets. Chinese]
Eluosi wenhua zai Zhongguo : renleixue yu lishixue de yanjiu 俄羅斯文化在中國 : 人類學與歷史學的研究 = Russian culture in China : a study of anthropology and history = Russkaia kul'tura v kitae : issledovanie ėntropologii i istorii
Eluosi yuanliukao 俄羅斯源流考. [Origin of Russia. Chinese]
Em demanda do Cataio : a viagem de Bento de Goes à China, 1603-1607
Em terra de tufóes : dinâmicas da etnicidade macaense
A Embaixada mártir
Embassies and illusions : Dutch and Portuguese envoys to K’ang-hsi, 1666-1687
Embassies to China : diplomacy and cultural encounters before the Opium Wars
An embassy to China : being the journal kept by Lord Macartney during his embassy to the Emperor Ch'ien-lung, 1793-1794
Emei Tiangang zhixuefa 峨眉天罡指穴法 : 内功導引按蹻術
The emergence of the Qingliu officials : a response to the impact of the West in late nineteenth century China
Emigração de cules : dossier Macau 1851-1894
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