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Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing period (1644-1912)
Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing period (1644-1912)
Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing period (1644-1912)
El emperador Kwang hsü
Emperor and ancestor : state and lineage in South China
Emperor of China : self portrait of K’ang hsi
Emperor Qianlong : son of heaven, man of the world
Emperor Qin Shihuang's eternal terra-cotta warriors and horses
Emperor with official. [pith painting 通草畫]
The emperor's giraffe and other stories of cultures in contact
The emperor's new mathematics : Western learning and imperial authority during the Kangxi Reign (1662-1722)
The Emperor's procession : two scrolls of the Ming dynasty
Emperors' treasures : Chinese art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
L' Empire chinois : faisant suite à l'ouvrage intitulé Souvenirs d'un voyage dans la Tartarie et le Thibet
L' Empire jaune de Genghis-Khan. [Das gelbe Weltreich : Lebensgeschichte einer Macht. French]
Empire of great brightness : visual and material cultures of Ming China, 1368-1644
The empire of the Qara Khitai in Eurasian history : between China and the Islamic world
The Empire of the Steppes : A History of Central Asia [Empire des steppes. English]
L' empire sans milieu : essai sur la sortie de la religion en Chine
Empires and exchanges in Eurasian late antiquity : Rome, China, Iran, and the steppe
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