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L' empire sans milieu : essai sur la sortie de la religion en Chine
Empires and exchanges in Eurasian late antiquity : Rome, China, Iran, and the steppe
The employment of Chinese classical thought in Matteo Ricci's theological contextualization in sixteenth century China
The empress and Mrs. Conger : the uncommon friendship of two women and two worlds
The Empress Wu. [Wu Zetian 武則天]
En butinant : scènes et croquis de Mongolie
En demanda del Gran Kan : viajes a Mongolia en el siglo XIII
En el país de las colinas de arena : reflexiones sobre la inmigración china en el Perú del S. XIX desde la perspectiva del Derecho
Enanji 淮南子. [Huainanzi 淮南子. Japanese & Chinese]
Encontro de culturas : oito séculos de missionação Portuguesa
Encountering China : early modern European responses
Encounters and dialogues : changing perspectives on Chinese-Western exchanges from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries
Encounters between Jesuits and Protestants in Asia and the Americas
Encounters with Chinese writers
Encounters with paradise : views of Hawaii and its people, 1778-1941
The Encyclopaedia Sinica
Encyclopedia of Buddhism
The Encyclopedia of Chinese cooking
The end of extraterritoriality in China
enduringge evanggelium Marha-i ulaha songqui. [Bible. N.T. Mark. Manchu. Lipovtsov]
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