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Festivals in classical China : New Year and other Annual Observances during the Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220
The field & the cave : a brief history of the first group of American Jesuits missioned to China
Fielding's People's Republic of China, 1989
Fifth Report on Progress in Manchuria to 1936
Filial piety and Christian piety : Wang Zheng and his attempt to inculturate Christianity in late Ming China
Filipiniana in Madrid : field notes on five major manuscript collections
La Filosofia de Wang-Yang-Ming. Wang Yangming zhi zhexue 王陽明之哲學
Fine Chinese ceramics and works of art : property of Hartman, Rare Art, Inc.
Fine Chinese ceramics and works of art : property of various owners ...
Fine Chinese decorative works of art, including furniture, paintings and Japanese works of art
The First Chinese priest of the Society of Jesus : Emmanuel de Siqueira, 1633-1673
The first emperor of China : the greatest archeological find of our time
First globalization : the Eurasian exchange, 1500 to 1800
Five millennia of Chinese art : images of a spiritual journey [electronic resource]
Flight to Cathay : an aerial journey to Yale-in-China
Flower shadows behind the curtain. [Gelian huaying 隔簾花影. English]
Flowers in the mirror. [Jinghuayuan 鏡花緣. English]
Flutes et champignons : texte, presentation, traduction et commentaire du debut du chapitre 2 du Zhuangzi [Zhuangzi 莊子. Nanhuajing 南華經. Qiwu lun 齊物論. French & Chinese]
Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix : an introduction to selected Chinese minority folk dances
Focus on China : values and religion in China today
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