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The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City : the biography of a palace
A foreign devil in China : the story of Dr. L. Nelson Bell
Foreign diplomacy in China, 1894-1900 : a study in political and economic relations with China
The Foreign missionary enterprise at home : explorations in North American cultural history
Foreign Mud : The Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830's & the Anglo-Chinese War
Foreign rights and interests in China
Foreigners in ancient Chinese art
Foreigners within the gates : the legations at Peking
Forgive us our sins : Confession in late Ming and early Qing China. [Vera et Unica Praxis : Confissionario. Shengjiao yaojin de daoli 聖教要緊的道禮]
The forgotten Christians of Hangzhou
A forgotten friendship : how a French missionary and a Manchu prince studied electricity and ballooning in late eighteenth century Beijing. [EASTM 46]
Forilou shi 佛日樓詩
Formatio cleri in Mongolia
Formosa : a problem for United States foreign policy
Formosa : a study in Chinese history
Formosa : licensed revolution and the home rule movement, 1895-1945
Formosa betrayed
Formosa geográfica e históricamente considerada
The Formosan nights : an eighty-year-old Taiwanese looks back. Fu'ermosha zhi ye : yiwei Taiwan bashisui laoren de huigu 福爾摩沙之夜 : 一位台灣八十歲老人的回顧
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