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Fortificaçoes de Macau : concepção e história
Fortress besieged. [Wei cheng 圍 城 . English]
The foundation of the Catholic mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894
Foundations of Chinese art : from neolithic pottery to modern architecture
The founders of Maryknoll
The founding ancestors of the Catholic Church in Korea
The Four Books. [Sishu 四書. 1963]
Four centuries of silver : personal adornment in the Qing dynasty and after
The Four Churches of Peking
Four documents relating to the Sino-Mongol peace of 1570-1571
Four, nine, nine six [4-9-9-6]
The fourth centenary of the Jesuits at Macao
Foxue da cidian 佛學大辭典
Foxue da cidian 佛學大辭典. Shiyong Foxue cidian 實用佛學辭典
Foxue jinghua 佛學精華. [Da zangjing 大藏經. Selections]
Foxue yanjiu shibapian 佛學硏究十八篇
Foyou Tianzhuji kaoshi 佛遊天竺記考釋
Fra Angelico et Benozzo Gozzoli : le maître et l'élève
Fragrance of Korea : the ancient gilt-bronze incense burner of Baekje
Frammenti di due antiche carte cinese presso l'Osservatorio astronomico di Bologna
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