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France et Chine : vie publique et privée des Chinois anciens et modernes, passé et avenir de la France dans l'Extrême Orient
Francesco Fogolla : apostolo in Cina
Francis A. Rouleau Microfilm/Digital Archives
Les Franciscains au service de la Propagande dans la Province de Pékin, 1705-1785
Francisco Varo's glossary of the Mandarin language. [Vocabulario de la Lengua Mandarina]
Francisco Varo's grammar of the Mandarin language, 1703 : an English translation of Arte de la lengua Mandarina. [Arte de la lengua Mandarina. English]. Confessionarium
François de Rougemont, S.J., missionary in Ch'ang-shu (Chiang-nan) : a study of the account book (1674-1676) and the Elogium
François Xavier Dentrecolles et l'apport de la Chine à l'Europe du XVIIIe siècle
François-Régis Clet : prêtre de la Mission : martyr en Chine 1748-1820
Frate Odorico del Friuli: Da Pordenone alla Cina per guadagnare anime
Free China on Taiwan : 1972
Free to be responsible : how to assume response-ability
Freedom in Exile: the Autobiography of the Dalai Lama
Freedom of religion in China
French Jesuits and the mission to China : science, religion, history
The Friars Minor in China (1294-1955), especially the years 1925-55, based on the research of Friars Bernward Willeke and Domenico Gandolfi, OFM
Friends, guests, and colleagues : the mu-fu system in the late Ch'ing period
From cultural capital to national stigma : the anti-footbinding movements in China and Taiwan
From Emperor to citizen : the autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi
From far Formosa : the island, its people and missions
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