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From Farm to Farmville : circulation, adoption, and use of ICT between urban and rural China
From Kaifeng...to Shanghai : Jews in China
From Milan to Hong Kong : 150 years of mission : Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, 1858-2008
From Ming to Ch'ing : conquest, region, and continuity in seventeenth-century China
From Palmyra to Zayton : epigraphy and iconography
From philosopher to cultural icon : reflections on Hu Mei's 'Confucius' (2010)
From the book forest : commercial publishing in late imperial China
From Ut Re Mi to fourteen-tone temperament : the global acoustemologies of an early modern Chinese tuning reform. [....the global acoustemologies of an early modern reform to Chinese musical tuning]
From woodblocks to the Internet : Chinese publishing and print culture in transition, circa 1800 to 2008
The frontiers of Southeast Asia and Pacific studies
Die Frühesten goldischen Texte : Faksimile-Nachdruck einiger Übersetzungen von Prokopij Protodiakonov : mit einem Essay von Władysław Kotwicz über die Erforschung der goldischen (Nanai- ) Sprache
Fu Baoshi huaji 傅抱石畫集
Fu Baoshi huaxuan 傅抱石畫選
Fu Lei jiashu 傅雷家書
Fu Mengzhen xiansheng ji 傅孟真先生集
The Fu of T'ao Ch'ien
Fu Qingzhu xiansheng dazhuan nianpu 傅青主先生大傳年譜
Fu Shan lun shufa 傅山論書法
Fu Shan yanjiu wenji 傅山研究文集
Fu Shan zhuan 傅山傳
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