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Fanyi mingyi ji 翻譯名義集
Fanyi yanjiu lunwenji 翻譯研究論文集, 1949-1983
Fanyu Tangyan : cong Tushanwan huaguan dao Furen huapai de yishu shijian 梵語唐言 : 從土山灣畫館到輔仁畫派的藝術實踐 (1583-1941) = L'histoire de la peinture catholique en Chine
The Far East in the Modern World
Far Eastern art
The Far Eastern Catholic missions, 1663-1711 : the original papers of the Duchess d'Aveiro
The Far Eastern Catholic missions, 1663-1771 : the original papers of the Duchess d'Aveiro : [descriptive catalogue] Kyokutō Katorikku dendō A-u-e-ro monjo 極東カトリク傳道アウエロ文書
The Far Eastern policy of the United States
The Far Eastern problem : official texts and summary of the Lytton report
Farmers of forty centuries, or, Permanent agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan
The Fascinating God : a challenge to modern Chinese theology presented by a text on the name of God written by a 17th century Chinese student of theology. [Di Tian kao 帝天考. English]
Fascination of nature : plants and insects in Chinese painting and ceramics of the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368)
Fashu yaolu 法書要錄
Father Matteo Ricci, S.J. : an intellectual biography
Father McShane of Maryknoll : missioner in South China
Father Paul's war
Father Price of Maryknoll
Father Ricci's presentation of some fundamental theories of Buddhism
Father Verbiest's Chinese World Map (1674). [Imago Mundi 43]
Faxian zhuan jiaozhu 法顯傳校注
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