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Gilded dragons : buried treasures from China's golden ages
Ginling College
Ginling College, the University of Michigan and the Barbour Scholarship
Giornale (1705-1724). [Matteo Ripa Giornale, 1705-1724]
Giornata di studio in onore di Martino Martini S.J. : (Trento, 1614-Hangzhou, 1661)
Giovanni Gherardini. Tommaso Maria Gentili
Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) : pittore di corte di Ch'ien-Lung, imperatore della Cina
Giuseppe Castiglione : gesuita e pittore nel celeste impero = Jesuit and painter in the Celestial Empire
Giuseppe Castiglione, 1688-1766 : peintre et architecte à la cour de Chine
Giuseppe Castiglione, a Jesuit painter at the court of the Chinese emperors
Giuseppe Freinademetz : il cinese che veniva dal Tirolo
Giuseppe Maria Calleri : un Piemontese al servizio della Francia in Cina
      Note sur les eleves interpretes pour les langues de la chine

Glass exchange between Europe and China, 1550-1800 : diplomatic, mercantile and technological interactions
Gleanings from Tao Yuan-ming : prose & poetry. [Tao Yuanming shiwen xuanyi 陶淵明詩文選譯. English & Chinese]
A glimpse of China: a handbook of information for the resident and visitor
Glimpses of the Yangtze gorges
Global city, dual city? : globalization and social polarization in Hong Kong since the 1990s
Global entanglements of a man who never traveled : a seventeenth-century Chinese Christian and his conflicted worlds
The glory and fall of the Ming dynasty
Glossário luso-asiático
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