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Titles Index H

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Haiyang : 1001 ge wenda 海洋 : 1001 個問答. [1001 Questions Answered about the Oceans and Oceanography. Chinese]
Haiyang tanxian 海洋探險
Haiyouchenren ji 海右陳人集
Haiyu 海語
Haiyue mingyan 海岳名言. Hanmo zhi 翰墨志. Baozhenzhai fashuzan 寶真齋法書贊
Haiyun chanzaoji 海雲禪藻集
Hakka Chinese confront Protestant Christianity, 1850-1900 : with the autobiographies of eight Hakka Christians, and commentary
Haku Rakuten shishū 白樂天詩集. [Bai Letian shiji 白樂天詩集. Japanese & Chinese]
The Half Acre Garden, Pan-mou yuan 半畝園 : a Manchu residence in Peking
Half the world: the history and culture of China and Japan
The Hall of Heavenly Records : Korean astronomical instruments and clocks, 1380-1780
Hallowed halls : Protestant colleges in old China
Han Changli ji 韓昌黎集
Han Changli ji 韓昌黎集
Han Changli quanji 韓昌黎全集
Han Changli shixinian jishi 韓昌黎詩繫年集釋
Han Changli wenji jiaozhu 韓昌黎文集校注
Han Fei Tzu : basic writings. [Han Feizi 韓非子. Selections]
Han Feizi jiaozhu 韓非子校注
Han Feizi jijie 韓非子集解. [Han Feizi 韓非子]
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