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Titles Index H

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A Handbook of China Proper
A handbook of Chinese art for collectors and students
Handbook of Christianity in China. Vol. 2, 1800-present
Handbook of Christianity in China. Vol.1: 635-1800
Handbook of current research projects in the Republic of China
Handbook of the China mission
Han-De chengyu cidian 漢德成語詞典 = Chinesisch-deutsches Lexikon der sprichwörtlichen Redensarten
Han-De cidian 漢徳詞典 = Chinesisch-deutsches Wörterbuch
Han-Fa changyong shenghuo cihui 漢法常用生活詞匯
      Mots et phrases usuels de la vie quotidienne - chinois-français

Han-Fa chengyu cidian 漢法成語詞典 = Dictionnaire chinois-français des locutions et proverbes
Han-Fa zonghe cidian 漢法綜合辭典 : Dictionnaire français de la langue chinoise
Hanfenlou gujin wenchao jianbian 涵芬樓古今文鈔簡編
Hanfenlou wentan 涵芬樓文談
Hanfenlou wentan 涵芬樓文談
Hanfenlou wentan 涵芬樓文談. Wenti chuyan 文體芻言
Hanfu yanjiu 漢賦研究
Hanfu yanjiu 漢賦硏究
Hangchow itineraries
Hangchow University, a brief history
Hanghai shuqi 航海述奇
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