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Titles Index I

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In and around Canton : being a short description of the chief places of interest ...
In China forever
In God's Hands: the life of Blessed Alberic Crescitelli of the Missionaries of Saints Peter and Paul, P.I.M.E
In grand style : celebrations in Korean art during the Joseon dynasty
In journeyings often : Franciscan pioneers in the Orient
In kōkotsu bunshū 殷甲骨文集. [Yin jiaguwen ji 殷甲骨文集]
In memoriam : a tribute to the deceased Salesians who worked in China (1906-1986)
In search of old Nanking : Nanjing zhanggu 南京掌故
In search of old Peking
In search of wealth and power : Yen Fu and the West
In Teikoku : Chūgoku kodai no bijutsu 殷帝国 : 中国古代の美術
In the Far East : letters from Geraldine Guinness in China
In the land of Mao Tse-Tung. [Nella terra di Mao-Tse-Tung. English]
In the light and shadow of an emperor : Tomás Pereira, SJ (1645-1708), the Kangxi emperor and the Jesuit mission in China
In the presence of the Dragon Throne : Ch'ing Dynasty costume (1644-1911) in the Royal Ontario Museum
In the service of his Korean majesty : William Nelson Lovatt, the Pusan Customs, and Sino-Korea relations, 1876-1888
In the shadow of Cathay : a survey of European encounters in discerning, mapping, and exploring Tibet during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. [AHSI vol. lxxxvii, fasc. 174 (2018-II)]
The income of the Chinese gentry
The inconstancy of Madam Chuang [Jingu qiguan 今古奇觀. English]
Incrementa Sinicæ Ecclesiæ, a Tartaris oppugnatæ ...
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