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Titles Index I

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Index zum kaiserlichen Bücherkatalog T'ien-lu lin-lang shu-mu (1775). [Tianlu linlang shumu 天祿琳瑯書目]
Indian art : a concise history
The Indiana companion to traditional Chinese literature
Indices to Bauer/Hwang: German impact on modern Chinese intellectual history (Wiesbaden 1982)
The indigenization of Gregorian Chant in early twentieth-century China : the case of Vincent Lebbe and his religious congregations
Indigenization of the Church
Individual and state in ancient China : essays on four Chinese philosophers. [Ideologiia i kul’tura Drevnego Kitaia. English]
Indo gosennenshi 印度五千年史
L' Indochine en zigzags
Indochine la douce
Indoneshia no genshi bunka インドネシアの原始文化 [Megalithische oudheden in Zuid-Sumatra. Japanese]
Indonesia : The Art of an Island Group
Indoshina : Futsuin, Tai, Biruma, Eiryō Marē 印度支那 : 佛印・タイ・ビルマ・英領マレー
Influence, translation, and parallels : selected studies on the Bible in China
Informatio antiquissima de praxi missionariorum Sinensium Societatis Jesu : circa ritus Sinenses, data in China, jam ab annis 1636. & 1640.
Information bulletin
Information bulletin
Ingan·hwangyeong·milae 인간·환경·미래 = Human beings, environment and their future [2012: 8]
Inkei suihen : Zensai shozō no ichi bubun 殷契粹編 : 善齋所藏之一部分. [Yinqi cuibian 殷契粹編]
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