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Titles Index I

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L' inscription nestorienne de Si-ngan-fou
L' inscription syro-chinoise de Si-ngan-fou : monument nestorien délevé en Chine l'an 781 de notre ère, et découvert en 1625
Inscriptiones judaicae urbis k'ai-fong-fou. [Jap-Sin I, 224]
Inscriptions juives de K'ai-fong-fou. [Variétés sinologiques ; 17]
Inscriptions, stylistic analysis, and traditional judgement in Yüan, Ming and Ch'ing painting
Insegnare la prospettiva lineare in Cina : trattati europei di prospettiva nella biblioteca dei gesuiti di Bei Tang
Inside China, 1943-1945 : an eyewitness account of America's mission in Yenan
Inside the Catholic Church of Korea. [Insaidŭ Han'guk Ch'ŏnju kyohoe 인사이드 한국 천주 교회. English]
Instrução para o Bispo de Pequim e outros documentos para a historia de Macau
Instructions for practical living, and other Neo-Confucian writings. [Chuanxilu 傳習錄. English]
Intellectual ferment for political reforms in Taiwan, 1971-1973
Intellectual Foundations of China
Interacción cultural en Oriente 30 años antes de Mateo Ricci. [Século Cristão do Japão]
Intercâmbio cultural e científico entre a Europa e a China através do livro : sécs. XVI-XVIII
The intercultural weaving of historical texts : Chinese and European stories about Emperor Ku and his concubines
Interior design with feng shui
The internal organization of Ch'ing bureaucracy : legal, normative, and communication aspects
The international aspect of the missionary movement in China
The international position of Japan as a great power
The International Relations of the Chinese Empire
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