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Titles Index I

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Influence, translation, and parallels : selected studies on the Bible in China
Informatio antiquissima de praxi missionariorum Sinensium Societatis Jesu : circa ritus Sinenses, data in China, jam ab annis 1636. & 1640.
Information bulletin
Information bulletin
Ingan·hwangyeong·milae 인간·환경·미래 = Human beings, environment and their future [2012: 8]
Inkei suihen : Zensai shozō no ichi bubun 殷契粹編 : 善齋所藏之一部分. [Yinqi cuibian 殷契粹編]
The inner quarters : marriage and the lives of Chinese women in the Sung period
Innermost Asia : travel & sport in the Pamirs
Innocentia Victrix, sive sententia Comitiorum Imperij Sinici pro innocentia Christianae Religionis....[Jap-Sin II, 74]
Inscribed landscapes : travel writing from imperial China
L' inscription nestorienne de Si-ngan-fou
L' inscription syro-chinoise de Si-ngan-fou : monument nestorien délevé en Chine l'an 781 de notre ère, et découvert en 1625
Inscriptiones judaicae urbis k'ai-fong-fou. [Jap-Sin I, 224]
Inscriptions juives de K'ai-fong-fou. [Variétés sinologiques ; 17]
Inscriptions, stylistic analysis, and traditional judgement in Yüan, Ming and Ch'ing painting
Insegnare la prospettiva lineare in Cina : trattati europei di prospettiva nella biblioteca dei gesuiti di Bei Tang
Inside China (II) : the story of a Catholic, Robert Chao Kun San
Inside China : experiences of a Chinese Catholic, 1948-1980
Inside China, 1943-1945 : an eyewitness account of America's mission in Yenan
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