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Titles Index I

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Intellectual Foundations of China
Interacción cultural en Oriente 30 años antes de Mateo Ricci. [Século Cristão do Japão]
Intercâmbio cultural e científico entre a Europa e a China através do livro : sécs. XVI-XVIII
The intercultural weaving of historical texts : Chinese and European stories about Emperor Ku and his concubines
Interior design with feng shui
Interlopers at the fringes of empire: the Procurators of the Propaganda Fide Papal Congregation in Canton and Macao, 1700–1823
The internal organization of Ch'ing bureaucracy : legal, normative, and communication aspects
The international aspect of the missionary movement in China
The international position of Japan as a great power
The International Relations of the Chinese Empire
International Symposium on the History of Christianity in China (1996 : Hong Kong) [papers]
The Internet and the Madonna : religious visionary experience on the Web. [Internet e la Madonna. English]
Interview with Dr. Eugenio Menegon, Boston University
Interview with Dr. Paul A. Rule, Distinguished Fellow, EDS-Stewart Chair
The interweaving of rituals : funerals in the cultural exchange between China and Europe
Into China
Into the porcelain pillow : 101 tales from Records of the Taiping era. [Taiping guangji 太平廣記. English. Selections. 1999]
Intolerable cruelty : marriage, law, and society in early twentieth-century China
Introdução da medicina ocidental em Macau e as receitas de segredo da Botica do Colégio de São Paolo
La introducción del Aristotelismo en China a través del De Anima, siglos XVI-XVII. [Lingyan lishao 靈言蠡勺. Spanish & Chinese]
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