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Titles Index J

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Japanese music and musical instruments
Japanese perspectives on China's early modernization : the self-strengthening movement, 1860-1895 : a bibliographical survey
Japanese scholars of China : a bibliographical handbook
Japanese studies of modern China : a bibliographical guide to historical and social-science research on the 19th and 20th centuries
Japanese studies on Japan & the Far East : a short biographical and bibliographical introduction
Japanese travellers in sixteenth-century Europe : a dialogue concerning the mission of the Japanese ambassadors to the Roman Curia (1590)
Japanische Geisteswelt : Vom Mythus zur Gegenwart
Japan's dream of world empire : the Tanaka memorial
Japan's foreign policy relating to China
Japan's Hidden Christians
Japón, China, Filipinas en la colección "Jesuítas, Tomos" de la Real Academia de la Historia, Madrid
Japoneses em Macau = Makao shi no naka no Nihonjin マカオ史のなかの日本人
The Japonica-Sinica collections I-IV in the Roman Archives of the Society of Jesus : an overview
Jean Pierre Néel, martyr et bienheureux (1832-1862)
Jean-François Gerbillon, S.J. (1654-1707) : mathématicien de Louis XIV, premier Supérieur général de la Mission française de Chine
Jean-Gabriel Perboyre : prêtre de la mission, martyr en Chine
Jesuit accounts of Chinese history and chronology and their Chinese sources. [EASTM 35]
Jesuit and Friar in the Spanish expansion to the East
Jesuit books
Jesuit books: including science and travel
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