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A Jesuit in the Forbidden City : Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610
Jesuit letters from China, 1583-84. [Avvisi della Cina dell'ottantatre et dell'ottantaquattro. English]
Jesuit mapmaking in China : d'Anville's Nouvelle atlas de la Chine (1737)
Jesuit missions in Japan : original letters and reports, 1663-1688
      Printed Books and Manuscripts on Japan

The Jesuit missions to China and Peru, 1570-1610 : expectations and appraisals of expansionism
The Jesuit reading of Confucius : the first complete translation of the Lunyu (1687) published in the West. [Confucius Sinarum Philosophus. Lunyu 論語. Latin. English & Chinese]
Jesuit relations and other Americana in the library of James F. Bell
Jesuitas españoles en China, 1552-2014
Os Jesuítas na Ásia : adenda ao catálogo da exposição bibliográfica = Yesu huishi zai Yazhou 耶穌會士在亞洲 : 圖書目錄展覽附編
Os Jesuítas na Ásia : catálogo da exposição bibliográfica = Yazhou de Yesuhui 亞洲的耶穌會 : 圖書目錄展覽
Jesuítas na Ásia : catálogo e guia
Os Jesuítas no Império da China: o primeiro século (1582-1680)
Jesuitas portugueses astrónomos na China, 1583-1805
Jesuítas portugueses astrónomos na China, 1583-1805
      Putaoya Yesuhui tianwenxuejia zai Zhongguo 葡萄牙耶穌會天文學家在中國, 1583-1805

Jésuites : une multibiographie
Les jésuites du Québec en Chine, 1918-1955. [ Les jésuites canadien-français en Chine, 1918-1955]
Les Jésuites en Chine (1552-1773) : la querelle des rites
The Jesuits (1594-1994), Macao and China : East meets West. [RC-Review of Culture special ed.]
The Jesuits : cultures, sciences, and the arts, 1540-1773
Jesuits : a multibiography. [Jésuites. English]
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