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Jesuit chreia in late Ming China : two studies with an annotated translation of Alfonso Vagnone's Illustrations of the Grand Dao. [Dadao jiyan 達道紀言. English & Chinese]
A Jesuit encyclopedia for China : a guide to Jean-Baptiste Du Halde's Description ... de la Chine
The Jesuit Figurists and eighteenth-century religious thought
Jesuit fish in Chinese nets: Athanasius Kircher and the translation of the Nestorian Tablet
A Jesuit garden in Beijing and early modern Chinese culture
Jesuit geometers : a study of fifty-six prominent Jesuit geometers during the first two centuries of Jesuit history
Jesuit image theory
A Jesuit in the Forbidden City : Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610
Jesuit letters from China, 1583-84. [Avvisi della Cina dell'ottantatre et dell'ottantaquattro. English]
Jesuit mapmaking in China : d'Anville's Nouvelle atlas de la Chine (1737)
Jesuit mission and submission : Qing rulership and the fate of Christianity in China, 1644-1735
The Jesuit mission to New France : a new interpretation in the light of the earlier Jesuit experience in Japan
Jesuit missions in Japan : original letters and reports, 1663-1688
      Printed Books and Manuscripts on Japan

The Jesuit missions to China and Peru, 1570-1610 : expectations and appraisals of expansionism
The Jesuit Ratio studiorum of 1599. [Ratio studiorum. English]
The Jesuit reading of Confucius : the first complete translation of the Lunyu (1687) published in the West. [Confucius Sinarum Philosophus. Lunyu 論語. Latin. English & Chinese]
Jesuit relations and other Americana in the library of James F. Bell
Jesuítas chineses e mestiços da missão da China (1589-1689)
Jesuitas españoles en China, 1552-2014
Os Jesuítas na Ásia : adenda ao catálogo da exposição bibliográfica = Yesu huishi zai Yazhou 耶穌會士在亞洲 : 圖書目錄展覽附編
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