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Les Jésuites en Chine (1552-1773) : la querelle des rites
The Jesuits (1594-1994), Macao and China : East meets West. [RC-Review of Culture special ed.]
The Jesuits : cultures, sciences, and the arts, 1540-1773
Jesuits : a multibiography. [Jésuites. English]
The Jesuits : history & legend of the Society of Jesus. [Jesuiten. English]
The Jesuits and the Great Mogul
The Jesuits and the Sino-Russian Treaty of Nerchinsk (1689) : the Diary of Thomas Pereira
Jesuits by the Tigris : men for others in Baghdad
The Jesuits did not manufacture Confucianism. [EASTM 16]
Jesuits go East. [Jesuiten zur See. English]
Jesuits in China
Jesuits in Hong Kong, South China and beyond : Irish Jesuit mission : its development 1926-2006
The Jesuits in the Philippines, 1581-1768
Jesuits' journeys in Chinese studies
The Jesuits' mission in higher education : perspectives and contexts
Jesuits under fire : in the siege of Hong Kong, 1941
The Jesuits, the Padroado and East Asian science (1552-1773)
Jesus and the reign of God
Jesus in Beijing : how Christianity is transforming China and changing the global balance of power
Jesus in the power of the spirit
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