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Lengqiejing 楞伽經 [Tripiṭaka. Sūtrapiṭaka. Laṅkāvatārasūtra. Chinese]
Lengyan dayi jinshi. Yuzhourensheng zhenli tanyuan 楞嚴大義今釋 : 又名宇宙人生真理探原
Lengyanjing 楞嚴經. [Tripiṭaka. Sūtrapiṭaka. Sūraṅgamasūtra. Chinese]
Leshan Dafo 樂山大佛
Lessons in elementary Wen-li = Huawen shiyi 華文釋義
The Letter of the Madonna to the people of Messina in Chinese by the Jesuit Metello Saccano : an unknown seventeenth-century manuscript [article]
Lettere : 1580-1609. [Matteo Ricci Lettere, 1580-1609]
Lettere dalla Cina, 1584-1608
Lettere del manoscritto maceratese
Lettere di missionari dalla Cina (1761- 1775) : la vita quotidiana nelle missioni attraverso il carteggio di Emiliano Palladini e Filippo Huang con il Collegio dei Cinesi in Napoli
The letters and instructions of Francis Xavier
Letters from a Chinese Official : Being an Eastern View of Western Civilization
Letters from the Mughal Court : the first Jesuit mission to Akbar (1580-1583)
Lettre de M. Marin Labbé ... condanner sans delai toutes les superstitions chinoises
Lettre de messieurs des Missions étrangères au Pape sur les idolatries et les superstitions chinoises
Lettres chinoises, indiennes et tartares a Monsieur Paw
Lettres édifiantes et curieuses de Chine : 1702-1776
Lettres édifiantes et curieuses table of contents and general index, v. I-XXXII
Li : rites and propriety in literature and life : a perspective for a cultural history of ancient China
Li Bai congkao 李白從考
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