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Martino Martini, geografo, cartografo, storico, teologo : Trento 1614, Hangzhou 1661 : atti del Convegno Internazionale
Martiri della Cina : nel 50° della beatificazione
Martirologio oriental
Martyrs in China. [Les martyrs de Chine parlent. English]
The martyrs of Maoism : China's persecuted Christians
Marvels of medieval China : those lustrous Song and Yuan lacquers
Maryknoll : at work in the world
Maryknoll : Hong Kong chronicle, 1918-1975
Maryknoll at Ten : A Short History of the American Seminary for Foreign Missons
The Maryknoll Fathers
Maryknoll in China : a history, 1918-1955
Maryknoll mission letters - China : extracts from the letters and diaries of the pioneer missioners of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America
Maryknoll Sisters : A Pictorial History
The Maryknoll Sisters in Hong Kong, 1921-1969 : in love with the Chinese
Maryknoll's First Lady
Mashi richao 馬氏日抄. Shitian zaji 石田雜記. Pingye zuanwen 苹野纂聞. Yupu zaji 寓圃雜記
Mashi wentong yu Hanyu yufaxue : Mashi wentong chuban bainian (1898-1998) jinian wenji 馬氏文通與漢語語法學 : 馬氏文通出版百年(1898-1998)紀念文集
Masterpieces of Chinese and Japanese art
Masterpieces of the British Museum
Mat'eo Rich'i : Tongyang kwa sŏyang ŭi chŏngchunghan mannam 마테오리치 : 동양과서양의정중한만남
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