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Mathews' Chinese-English dictionary
Matteo Ricci : il gesuita amato dalla Cina
Matteo Ricci : a Jesuit in the Ming Court. [Matteo Ricci. English]
Matteo Ricci : incontro di civiltà nella Cina dei Ming
Matteo Ricci : un gesuita alla corte dei Ming
Matteo Ricci : un gesuita nel regno del drago. [Video DVD]
Matteo Ricci and the Catholic mission to China, 1583-1610 : a short history with documents
Matteo Ricci en Chine (1582-1610)
Matteo Ricci in China: inculturation through friendship and faith. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. English & Italian]
Matteo Ricci S.I. nell'opinione dell'alta società cinese : secondo nuovi documenti (1600-1604)
Matteo Ricci, S.J., in China, 1583-1610 : a case study of a precursor in educational anthropology
Matteo Ricci's scientific contribution to China. [L'apport scientifique du père Matthieu Ricci à la Chine. English]
Matteo Ricci's use of Epictetus. [Matteo Ricci and a Confucian Christianity. Ershiwu yan 二十五言. English]
Mawangdui Hanmu boshu 馬王堆漢墓帛書 : [壹]
Mawangdui Hanmu yanjiu 馬王堆漢墓研究
Mawangdui Hanmu 馬王堆漢墓
Mawangdui Hanmu 馬王堆漢墓 = Mawangdui Han tombs. [Video DVD]
Mawei zhi 馬嵬志
The May Fourth Movement : Intellectual revolution in modern China
The May Fourth Movement in Shanghai : the making of a social movement in modern China
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