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Matteo Ricci's use of Epictetus. [Matteo Ricci and a Confucian Christianity. Ershiwu yan 二十五言. English]
Mawangdui Hanmu boshu 馬王堆漢墓帛書 : [壹]
Mawangdui Hanmu yanjiu 馬王堆漢墓研究
Mawangdui Hanmu 馬王堆漢墓
Mawangdui Hanmu 馬王堆漢墓 = Mawangdui Han tombs. [Video DVD]
Mawei zhi 馬嵬志
The May Fourth Movement : Intellectual revolution in modern China
The May Fourth Movement in Shanghai : the making of a social movement in modern China
Maybe a second spring : the story of the Missionary Sisters of St. Columban in China
Meangja ŏnhae 孟子諺解 = 밍줏언희. [Mingjut ŏnhŭi. Mengzi 孟子. Korean & Chinese]
Meaning and controversy within Chinese ancestor religion
Meaning through use : a framework for understanding architectural form in the Jesuit Garden of Yuanmingyuan
Médecine et pharmacie chez les Chinois et chez les Annamites
Medieval Chinese armies 1260-1520
Medieval music and the art of memory
Medieval scientific instruments and the development of navigational instruments in the XVth and XVIth centuries
Meditation and piety in the Far East : a religious-psychological study
Mei Boyan wen 梅伯言文
Mei hou : new art in China
Mei Lanfang you Mei ji 梅蘭芳游美記
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