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Mage Boluo youji 馬哥孛羅遊記 [Travels of Marco Polo. Chinese]
Mage Boluo youji 馬哥孛羅遊記. [Travels of Marco Polo. Chinese]
Magnificent China : a guide to its cultural treasures. [Zhongguo wenhua ji mingsheng zhinan 中國文化及名勝指南]
The magnitude of Ming : command, allotment, and fate in Chinese culture
Il mago dell'occidente
Mahayana Buddhism : a brief outline
Maijing 脈經. [Mojing 脈經]
Maillard de Tournon : Papal Legate at the court of Peking
Make Boluo he ta de youji 馬可波羅和他的游記
Make Boluo jieshao yu yanjiu 馬可波羅介紹與研究
Make Boluo qiren qishi 馬可波羅其人其事
Make Boluo xingji 馬可波羅行紀 [Travels of Marco Polo. Chinese]
Make Boluo youji 馬可波羅游記 [Travels of Marco Polo. Chinese]
Make Boluo youji 馬可波羅遊記 [Travels of Marco Polo. Chinese]
Make Boluo youji 馬可波羅遊記 [Travels of Marco Polo. Chinese]
The makers of Taiwan
The making of a mind : letters from a soldier-priest, 1914-1918 [Genese d'une pensee. English]
The Making of an Army Old China Hand : A Memoir of Colonel David D. Barrett
Making the new world their own : Chinese encounters with Jesuit science in the age of discovery
Ma-Kok-Miu : Templo Chinês da Barra = Ma-Kok-Miu : Chinese Temple of Barra = Mage Miao 媽閣廟
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