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Manchu studies : an international bibliography
The Manchu way : the eight banners and ethnic identity in late imperial China
Manchukuo : a bird's-eye view
Manchuria since 1931
Manchus & Han : ethnic relations and political power in late Qing and early Republican China, 1861-1928
Der Mandarin des Himmels : Zeit und Leben des Chinamissionars Ignaz Kögler SJ (1680-1746)
Mandarin drinking tea. [pith painting 通草畫]
Les mandariniers de la rivière Huai : le réveil religieux de la Chine
Mandarins and martyrs : the church and the Nguyen Dynasty in early nineteenth-century Vietnam
Mandarins, Jews, and missionaries : the Jewish experience in the Chinese Empire
Mandate of heaven : a new generation of entrepreneurs, dissidents, bohemians, and technocrats lays claim to China's future
Mangren jianhua 忙人閒話
Manhua duanyan 漫話端硯
Manhua Jing Shan 漫話徑山
Manhua renshen 漫話人參. [Shennong bencao jing 神農本草經. Renshen kao 人參考]
Manhua Sanguo 漫話三國
Manhua Shisanling 漫話十三陵
Manhua Wutai Shan 漫話五臺山
Manjianghong aiguoci baishou 滿江紅愛國詞百首
Man-Meng guji kao 滿蒙古蹟考. [Man-Mō koseki kō 滿蒙古蹟考. Chinese]
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