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Il natural lume de Cinesi : il ms. IAP-SIN 131 dell'A.R.S.I. de P. Philippe Couplet S.J. (1623-1693), missionario in Cina
Il natural lume de Cinesi : teoria e prassi dell'evangelizzazione in Cina nella Breve relatione di Philippe Couplet S.J. (1623-1693). Catalogus librorum sinicorum
      Breve Relatione dello stato e qualità delle missioni della Cina [Jap-Sin 131]

The nature and characteristics of the Boxer movement : a morphological study
A náutica dos descobrimentos
La navigation à vapeur sur le haut Yang-Tse
The navigational theory of the Arabs in the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries
Naxi zoushu [Nexi zoushu, Naqi zoushu] 訥谿奏疏. Yuduilu 諭對錄. Yizhai zoushu 毅齋奏疏
Naxiyu jianzhi 納西語簡志
Naxizu jianshi 納西族簡史
Naxizu 納西族
Near to heaven : Western architecture in China's old summer resorts
Necrologium Fratrum Minorum in Sinis
Needles, herbs, gods, and ghosts : China, healing, and the West to 1848
Nei Menggu fengwuzhi 內蒙古風物志
Neigezhi 内閣志. Dongguan pangqiu 冬官旁求
Neijing jiangyi 內經講義
Nenggaizhai manlu 能改齋漫錄
Nenggaizhai manlu 能改齋漫錄
Nengjingju riji 能靜居日記
Nengyuan dongci, quxiang dongci, panduanci 能源動詞, 趨向動詞, 判斷詞
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