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Nationalism and language reform in China
Il natural lume de Cinesi : il ms. IAP-SIN 131 dell'A.R.S.I. de P. Philippe Couplet S.J. (1623-1693), missionario in Cina
Il natural lume de Cinesi : teoria e prassi dell'evangelizzazione in Cina nella Breve relatione di Philippe Couplet S.J. (1623-1693). Catalogus librorum sinicorum
      Breve Relatione dello stato e qualità delle missioni della Cina [Jap-Sin 131]

The nature and characteristics of the Boxer movement : a morphological study
A náutica dos descobrimentos
La navigation à vapeur sur le haut Yang-Tse
The navigational theory of the Arabs in the fifteenth and the sixteenth centuries
Naxi zoushu [Nexi zoushu, Naqi zoushu] 訥谿奏疏. Yuduilu 諭對錄. Yizhai zoushu 毅齋奏疏
Naxiyu jianzhi 納西語簡志
Naxizu jianshi 納西族簡史
Naxizu 納西族
Near to heaven : Western architecture in China's old summer resorts
Necrologium Fratrum Minorum in Sinis
Needles, herbs, gods, and ghosts : China, healing, and the West to 1848
Nei Menggu fengwuzhi 內蒙古風物志
Neigezhi 内閣志. Dongguan pangqiu 冬官旁求
Neijing jiangyi 內經講義
Nenggaizhai manlu 能改齋漫錄
Nenggaizhai manlu 能改齋漫錄
Nengjingju riji 能靜居日記
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