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Neo-Confucianism in history
The Nestorian documents and relics in China
The Nestorian monument in China
The Nestorian Stone Monument [print]
Networks and circulation of knowledge: encounters between Jesuits, Manchus and Chinese in late Imperial China [EASTM Special issue]
Neuerscheinungen zur Chinesischen Missionsgeschichte von 1945-1955
Das Neueste von China (1697). [Novissima Sinica. German & Latin]
A New account of Tales of the World. [Shishuo xinyu 世說新語. Chinese & English]
New Atlas of the Bible. [Bakermat van de Bijbel. English]
The new China review
The new emperors : China in the era of Mao and Deng
A new general collection of voyages and travels. Vol. 4 : Description of China, Korea, eastern Tartary, Tibet. Travels through Tartary, Tibet & Bukhâria to & from China, 1246-1698
A new history of Christianity in China
New knowledge of strange things : exotic animals from the West 存廣異聞 : 西方異獸
A new life for the church in China. [Nieuw leven voor de kerk in China. English]
The New Nelson Japanese-English character dictionary = Shinpan Neruson Kan-Ei jiten 新版ネルソン漢英辞典. [Nelson's Japanese-English dictionary]
New Peace County : a Chinese gazetteer of the Hong Kong region. [The 1819 edition of the Hsin-an Hsien-chih]
New terms for new ideas : a study of the Chinese newspaper
New terms for new ideas : Western knowledge and lexical change in Late Imperial China
Ni wang he chu qu 你往何處去 [Quo vadis? Chinese]
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