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On Chinese gardens = Shuo yuan 說園
On Fan Sheng-chih shu : an agriculturist book of China. [Fan Shengzhi shu jinshi 氾勝之書今釋. Chinese & English]
On friendship : one hundred maxims for a Chinese prince. [Jiaoyou lun 交友論. English]
On the Dragon Hills
On the Maryknoll Road in China
On the road : the Catholic Church in China [1992-1996] = Zai lu shang : Zhongguo de Tianzhujiao 在路上 : 中國的天主教 [1992-1996]
On the tracks of Manchu culture, 1644-1994 : 350 years after the conquest of Peking
On their own terms : science in China, 1550-1900
One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems
One hundred years of Dominican apostolate in Formosa, 1859-1958
One increasing purpose : the life of Henry Winters Luce
Only a beginning : the Passionists in China, 1921-1931
Ŏnmunji : oe sasŏ 諺文誌 : 外四書. [Kyŏngse Hunmin chŏngŭm tosŏl 經世訓民正音圖說. Hunmin chŏngŭm unhae 訓民正音韻解. Kyerim yusa [Jilin leishi] 鶏林類事. Chosŏn'gwan yŏgŏ [Chaoxianguan yiyu] 朝鮮館譯語]
Onuitgegeven brieven van eenige paters der Societeit van Jesus, missionarissen in China van de XVIIde en XVIIIde eeuw
Opening China : Karl F. A. Gützlaff and Sino-Western relations, 1827-1852
L' opera Salesiana in Cina : cenno storico
L' opera Salesiana nel Vietnam. [Storia de l'Opera Salesiana nel Vietnam]
Operation China : introducing all the peoples of China
Opere di Matteo Ricci. [Bibliography]
Opere sociali del Cristianesimo protestante in periodo Meiji (1868-1912)
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