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Opere storiche del P. Matteo Ricci, S.I.
The Opium War through Chinese eyes
Opium: a portrait of the heavenly demon
Opuscula Altaica : essays presented in honor of Henry Schwarz
Oraison funebre de l'eminentissime Charles-Thomas Maillard, cardinal de Tournon, legat apostolique dans la Chine et les Indes Orientales
Oral history summaries : a guide to the collection. [Midwest China Center Oral History and Archives Collection]
Orazio Grassi and a 1623 Treatise on the sphere : astronomy and physico-mathematics at the Collegio Romano in the early seventeenth century
Oriental ceramics, the world's great collections
Oriental methods of mental and physical fitness : the complete book of meditation, kinestherapy, and martial arts in China, India, and Japan
Oriental silverwork : Malay and Chinese : a handbook for connoisseurs, collectors, students and silversmiths
Orientalism & history
Orientalism and missionary sinology : a study of W.A.P. Martin
Oriente : revista quadrimestral da Fundação Oriente
Oriente poliano : studi e conferenze tenute all'Is. M.E.O. in occasione del VII centenario della nascita di Marco Polo, 1254-1954
Orígenes de la Iglesia Católica Coreana desde 1566 hasta 1784 : según documentos inéditos de la época
The origin and development of the Chinese Customs Service, 1843-1911 : an historical outline
The origin of Chinese deities. [Zhushen youlai 諸神由來. English]
Les origines de l'astronomie chinoise
Le origini dell'arte cristiana cinese (1583-1640)
The origins of the Boxer Uprising
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