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Oulu falü fadashi 歐陸法律發達史. [The development of European law. Chinese]
Ou-Mei Fojiao zhi fazhan 歐美佛教之發展
Ou-Mei Hanxue yanjiu de lishi yu xianzhuang 歐美漢學研究的歷史與現狀
Our great Qing : the Mongols, Buddhism and the state in late imperial China
Our Lady of China : Marian devotion and the Jesuits
Our Lady of Guanganmen : exhibition of Christian scrolls 8th-18th July 2008
Our second decade in China, 1915-1925 : sketches and reminiscences
An outline history of China
Outlines of Chinese symbolism and art motives
Outrageous Chinese : a guide to Chinese street language
Ouvrages en langue chinoise de l'Institut franco-chinois de Lyon (1921-1946)
Ouxi wentan xin fengmao 歐西文壇新風貌
Ouxiangguan ji 甌香館集. Ouxiangguan ji buyishi 甌香館集補遺詩. Ouxiangguan ji buyi huaba 甌香館集補遺畫跋. Ouxiangguan ji fulu 甌香館集附錄
Ou-yang Hsiu : an eleventh-century Neo-Confucianist. [Ouyang Xiu de zhixue yu congzheng 歐陽修的治學與從政. English]
Ouyang Wenzhong Gong wenji 歐陽文忠公文集
Ouyang Xiu ci xuan yi 歐陽修詞選譯
Ouyang Xiu Ci 歐陽修詞
Ouyang Xiu quanji 歐陽修全集
Ouyang Xiu zhi shiwen ji wenxue pinglun 歐陽修之詩文及文學評論
Ouyang Xiu 歐陽修
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