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Pinzhou yudipu 蘋洲漁笛譜
Pinzhou yudipu 蘋洲漁笛譜
Pioneer Chinese Christian women : gender, Christianity, and social mobility
A pioneer in Chinese Mongolia : Théophile Verbist's adventure (1861-1868)
Pipaji 琵琶記
Pipaji 琵琶記
Pipaji 琵琶記
Pipaji 琵琶記. Pipaji zhaji 琵琶記箚記
Piping Zhong de lishi 批評中的歷史
Pirates, bandits, and brotherhoods : a study of crime and law in Kwangtung Province, 1796-1839
Pitailu 否泰錄. Beishilu 北使錄. Zhengtong linronglu 正統臨戎錄. Beizheng shiji 北征事蹟. Zhengtong beishou shiji 正統北狩事蹟
Pivot of Asia : Sinkiang and the inner Asian frontiers of China and Russia
Piwang lüeshuo tiaobo 闢妄略說條駁. [Pi lüeshuo tiaobo 闢略說條駁. Piwang shuo tiaobo 闢妄說條駁]
Piwu bian 闢誣編
Pixie guizheng 闢邪歸正
Pixie lun 闢邪論. [Jap-Sin I, 157]
Piyingxi : Zhang Decheng yishi 皮影戲 : 張德成藝師
Place and spirit in Taiwan : Tudi Gong in the stories, strategies, and memories of everyday life
A plan of the emperor's glassworks
The Platform scripture. [Liuzu Dashi fabao Tanjing 六祖大師法寶壇經. Chinese & English]
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